Social & Corporate Events Planner

Social event planner is someone who

typically does and manages functions such as weddings, birth or marriage anniversaries, social get together parties and the other social events. The social event planner has to interact with many individuals or couples or brides or parents or the relatives who long for years or ages about the perfect celebration of a wedding, birth or marriage anniversary or other social parties and events.
Exactly the key difference lies in the emotional and personal attachment in any of the social events and it makes managing the things difficult and challenging, at the same time exhilarating for the event manager.

The Job of a Social Event planner is not easy and involves really connecting with various individuals to understand their expectations, aspiration, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings backing their thoughts. The success lies for a social event planner is not just attending the told things but also to understand the untold things. Therefore, the non-verbal cues like the facial expressions, body postures and last but not the least eye contact.

Royal Gardenia Resort is the one of the passionate planner for social & corporate event planners.

On the Contrast, the corporate events are sourced and funded by corporate budgets of the organization or multiple organizations not by individuals. It puts the situation into the constraints on cost saving and managing the right upfront. Managing the budget itself is the critical part of any successful corporate event – it is so as the budgets have already been allocated, planning about the event has been done and the forecasting and other accounting calculations are already done and there is no room for further negations at all.

The most important and hopefully the most crucial difference is that almost all of the social events such as weddings function, birthday’s celebrations, and birth and marriage anniversaries especially, are most of the time once-in-a-lifetime event. One should keep in mind that the second chance may not come again– in case the marriage is not executed well then it will cause lifetime reputation. Royal Gardenia Resort is the one of the sought-after event planner, backed by a team of passionate designers, brilliant chefs, & dedicated event planners.